Sciatica Saddle Pillow


Relieve your chronic lower back pain with the Sciatica Saddle™ Pillow.<br>
This therapeutic pillow, with its gently sloping back-to-front saddle design, supports the weight
of your pelvic bones while taking the pressure off your sciatic nerve and encouraging proper
posture to help you sit more comfortably.


– Reduces pain by taking weight off your thighs and back side to encourage proper posture
– Saddle shaped pillow provides medium support, improves your sitting position, and makes any
seat more comfortable
– Designed by Doctors/Chiropractors
– Perfect for home, office and car
– Saddle pillow measures 17″ L x 13″ W
– 55% cotton/45% polyester cover (machine washable)
– 100% polyester fill
– Made in USA .